Custom Multicore Audio Cables


Quality Begins With Experience


Whether you’re a National audio/visual production company, mobile recording service or high profile tracking studio, the language of noiseless signal quality is all the same. Ordio Cables have invested years in researching the various levels of components that make or break any audio rig. We know what works and keeps working, we respect quality and attention to detail and have the experience to build our clients solutions that define sound quality.

Solid Steel Stage Boxes Built to Last


If your application only requires a budget pre-made stage box with factory made cables then this is not the solution for you. However if you need a professional quality hand made, point to point hand wired quality stage box, audio loom, XLR or TRS extension, custom made audio snake or even a full turn key off-site pre fabricated cabling solution then we can certainly help. Many pre-made off the shelf stage boxes fail due to the materials used in the housing, surface mounted connectors, the cable gland and or course the ‘un-qualified’ wiring job. We source the best materials, we only use the best connectors, we custom print ALL labels and take the proper time to solder each termination with care and respect for the your total project needs.

Colour Coding and Custom Labelling

Neutrik XX-series XLR and TRS connectors would have to be every audio engineers best friend for many reasons. Firstly, the quality of the Neutrik connectors simply can’t be beaten yet the flexibility of their colour coded boot and ID rings follow the globally recognised resister colour chart. Almost every single custom stage box, audio multicore or loom we make is made with the future proofing concept that colours never fail or let you down in the dark. In addition to the colour coding system of which is decided upon by our clients unique application we also supply custom cable end labels that are even more reliable for complex installations. Ask us today how we can custom make your dream stage box, multicore or multichannel audio loom.

Quality Construction and Soldering Ensure a Lifetime Of Service


Every single custom audio, video, multichannel cabling solution Ordio Cables make is hand wired right here in our Sydney workshop. We support our Australian distributers that provide us with competitive pricing, highly intuitive knowledge and training that separates us from a typical box moving online store.

We do NOT grey import fake materials or substitute one brand for an inferior component just to get the job out the door. The professional quality materials we use are always backed up by local warranty so we know we are doing all the right things to maximise quality every time. If your business relies on it’s service and representation and is turning over a profit then you’ll clearly respect our goals to operate in the same way.


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