4K 12G UHD Video Cable


4K 12G UHD Video Cable


  • 12G-SDI (2160p)
  • Data Rate: 11.88 Gbps
  • 40 dB @ 1/2 clock
  • Nominal Attenuation (dB/m) 0.793
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Custom Cable Branding / Labelling
  • VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Tie

Custom Labels

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4K 12G UHD Video Cable


Our custom made 4K 12G UHD Video Cable is our next generation in 75Ohm coaxial transmission. The demand for such a high performance broadcast grade cable is rapidly increasing. We offer a few variations of 12G UHD Video Cables, the main differences being the type of Canare and Belden cable used, which is more critical than you think.


Mobile video operators and streaming services are now using 4K UHD Video Cables and require the cable to be flexible and deployable. In order to achieve this the cable itself needs to be a stranded core coaxial cable. The downside to this is the distance of which 4K/12GB can be transmitted without signal degradation.


In addition to this, the BNC connector needs to be rated for 4K 12G and the cable needs to be professionally terminated with the right tools. Ordio Cables have invested heavily in the right tools approved by the manufactures for the cable to be 4K compliant. Our 12G UHD Video Cable is backwards compatible for all SD-SDI applications. Please also consider our HD-SDI BNC cables for data rates less than 4k / 12G.


Canare 4K 12G UHD Video Cable Maximum Transmission Distance


  • Maximum Length: 50M at 12G-SDI (2160p) | Data Rate: 11.88 Gbps according to SMPTE 2082-1
  • Maximum Length: 90M at 3G-SDI (1080p) | Data Rate: 2.97 Gbps according to SMPTE 424
  • Maximum Length: 87M at HD-SDI (1080i) | Data Rate: 1.485 Gbps according to SMPTE 292


Ultra High Definition Video Cable Applications:


  • Flexible yet durable, designed for mobile UHD applications
  • Designed for withstanding repeated bending without breaking
  • Stranded center conductor, hard our PV cable jacket
  • High-density double-braided shield for low noise


With every Canare 4K 12G UHD Video Cable comes our lifetime warranty. Our warranty covers our workmanship on the assembly of each cable. The physical cable and connectors are covered under the standard manufacturer’s warranty limited warranty terms.


*BNC connectors may vary depending on stock levels