Belden 1694F HD-SDI BNC-BNC Video Cable


Ordio Cables custom made Belden 1694F HD-SDI BNC-BNC Video Cable features Belden 1694F video cable and Neutrik HD BNC rear twist connectors.


  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Custom Cable Branding / Labelling
  • VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Tie

Custom Labels

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Belden 1694F HD-SDI BNC-BNC Video Cable


Belden 1694F HD-SDI BNC-BNC Video Cable is our biggest selling flexible HD-SDI video cables. Typically used for portable HD Broadcast applications it is also used for professional post production installations.  Made with Belden 1694F and Neutrik Rear twist BNC HD connectors.


When it comes to long HD video runs we strongly recommend the Belden 1694F. Known for it’s extremely flexible yet highly durable makeupas any HD-SDI BNC-BNC video cable can get. Our Belden 1694F HD-SDI BNC-BNC Video Cable is most suited for broadcast video applications and TV transmission feeds.


Belden 1694F Maximum Transmission Distance By Video Format


  • 53M at HD 1080P | Data Rate: 3.0 Gb/s according to SMPTE 424M
  • 79M at HDSDI | Data Rate: 1.5Gb/s according to SMPTE 292M
  • 272M at SDI | Data Rate: 540Mb/s according to SMPTE 344M


Belden 1694F Data Rate Per Link UHDTV1, UHDTV2


106M @ 3Gb/s


  • SMPTE ST 425-4 (3Gb/s – stereo)
  • ST 2081-1 (6 Gb/s – dual link)
  • ST 2082-1 (12 Gb/s – quad)
  • ST 2083-1 (24 Gb/s – octal link)1


69M @ 6Gb/s


  • ST 2081-1 (6 Gb/s – single link)
  • ST 2082-1 (12 Gb/s – dual link)
  • ST 2083-1 (24 Gb/s – quad link)1


Belden 1694F Applications


  • Flexible and durable: Best suited to mobile HD applications
  • Designed for withstanding repeated bending
  • Stranded center conductor
  • High-density double-braided shield
  • Highly-foamed insulation


Every single custom cable we make is hand crafted right here in Sydney Australia, we proudly use genuine Belden cable and Neutrik connectors. This custom hand crafted Belden 1694F HD-SDI BNC-BNC Video Cable will be made to order and fully tested before dispatch.


We offer a lifetime warranty on all our cables, this means that the craftsmanship of our work on this custom Belden 1694F HD-SDI BNC-BNC Video Cable will be under warranty for life, parts will be covered by the manufactures limited warranty terms.


*BNC connectors may vary depending on stock levels