HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable


Ordio Cables custom made quality HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable features Canare cable and Canare premium RCA connectors.

  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Custom Cable Branding / Labelling
  • VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Tie

Custom Labels

We will print your name, company name and or custom details on heat shrinkable cable labels. Simply type in your details below, Note that a maximum of 50 characters apply.

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HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable

Our high quality HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable made with Canare LV-61S 75Ohm cable and Canare F-Series RCA connectors.

Our HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable is ideal for SD to HD video applications up to 3o metres, the rea twist connectors provide easy quick lock and release for the average video professional who is on the go.

Our custom made HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cables are also great for broadcast transmission, analogue and digital interconnects, inter-rack wiring and short HD-SDI patch leads.

We offer a wide rage of video cables to suit every application of today’s video industry, despite the growing need for 4.5Ghz cables, our HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable using Canare LV-61S is still our biggest seller.

This professional quality hand crafted HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable can be used to connect standard to HD video signals via RCA.

Every single custom cable we make is hand crafted right here in Sydney Australia, we proudly use genuine Canare cable and Neutrik connectors. This HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable will be made to order and fully tested before dispatch.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our cables, this means that the craftsmanship of our work on this HD-SDI 3G RCA Video Cable will be under warranty for life, parts will be covered by the manufactures limited warranty terms.