Mogami 2319 Guitar Cable


We are an authorised Mogami cable dealer and provide cable from Australian stock.

  • Cable measured and cut in whole metre lengths only
  • Cut and supplied from genuine Mogami master spools
  • Bulk spools are available (select 200M Bulk) option
  • Free freight for orders over $200 Australia Wide
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Mogami 2319 Guitar Cable

Mogami 2319 Guitar Cable is our new feature product and available now. We offer Mogami 2319 both in pre-cut lengths sold by the metre, we also offer bulk spools of 2319 in 200m whole lengths only. Mogami instrument cable is without a doubt one of the most desired cables used by many professional musicians.

Over the years Ordio cables has proudly supported many cable brands and we are proud to announce the expansion in our catalogue with focusing on the most popular range from Mogami. Mogami 2319 is regarded as the guitarists choice for touring musicians and recording artists.

Mogami 2319 Guitar Cable is much like Mogami 2524 yet lower profile, smaller outer diameter and is ideally used for pedal board applocations, small instrument interconnectivity between FX units and connecting critical studio equipment. The Silver based cable makeup adds sonic character and rich analogue warmth to any instrument signal.

Good quality instrument cables are the fundamental veins carrying all of your tone and sonic information. If you take your music seriously and respect the importance of tone, clarity and sustain then you’ll not hesitate to invest wisely in good quality cables. Mogami 2319 Guitar Cable is made to the highest specifications and should be prepared and terminated by a qualified technician and or an experienced cable guru.


Mogami 2319 Specifications

Mogami 2319 Conductor

  • Details: 12/0.18TA
  • Size(mm²): 0.305mm² (#23AWG)

Mogami 2319 Insulation

  • Ov. Dia.(mm): 1.6Ø (0.063″)
  • Material: PE
  • Colour: Clear

Mogami 2319 Sub-Shield

  • Ov. Dia.(mm): 1.8Ø (0.071″)
  • Material: Conductive PVC (Carbon PVC)
  • Colour: Black

Mogami 2319 Main-Shield

  • Served-Shield: Approx. 38/0.16TA

Mogami 2319 Jacket

  • Ov. Dia.(mm): 5.0Ø (0.197″)
  • Material: PVC
  • Colour: Black

Mogami 2319 Roll Sizes

  • 100m (328Ft) / 200m (656Ft)

Mogami 2319 Weight P/100m

  • 3.5Kg