TRS to TRS Balanced Star Quad Cable Black-Gold

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Ordio Cables custom made TRS to TRS Balanced Star Quad Cable Black-Gold features Canare cable Neutrik connectors at each end.

  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Custom Cable Branding / Labelling
  • VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable Tie

TRS to TRS Balanced Star Quad Cable Black-Gold

Our high quality custom made TRS to TRS Balanced Star Quad Cable Black-Gold cable features low profile balanced Canare L4E6S cable made in Japan and Neutrik NP3X-B Black & Gold TRS connectors.

This professional quality hand crafted TRS to TRS Balanced Cable is most commonly used in recording environments where balanced patching requires high end noise free cables. The weakest link in any studio is balanced or un-balanced patch bays due to the amount of potential points of failure caused by wear and tear.

As you can imagine, when signal is passed through each piece of analogue equipment noise can be introduced, by using poor quality cabling your are magnifying this noise each time the signal is passed on. This TRS to TRS Balanced Cable Black-Gold can also be used as speaker cables when providing a balanced signal from a sound card to a set of powered monitors. Other applications is from a rack amp to powered loudspeakers that require a TRS to TRS cables.

Every single custom cable we make is hand crafted right here in Sydney Australia, we proudly use genuine Canare cable and Neutrik connectors. This custom made Star Quad TRS to TRS Balanced Cable Black-Gold will be made to order and fully tested before dispatch.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our cables, this means that the craftsmanship of our work on this custom TRS to TRS Balanced Cable Black-Gold will be under warranty for life, parts will be covered by the manufactures limited warranty terms.

When people need the best cables for the ultimate results, they come to Ordio Cables as they know we use only the very best materials, we take pride in our cable termination and standby our work. We don’t make cables because we can, we make them because we love doing it.

Velcro ties are only available with cables 1 Metre and over.


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